Weight Loss Inspiration Story

Dallas Carter, a Hawaii man stuck to a healthy diet and exercise routine for 2 years and lost 190 pounds, more than half of his body weight. Quite an inspiration!

“I ate a lot of lean meats and vegetables. I set small goals. I said I don’t care how much weight I lose, I told myself I am going to stick to this diet regiment and my exercise routine. I found so much joy in other things. I found joy in walking around, spending time with my family, climbing on the jungle gym with my daughter. Those things are what makes me happy. They fill what used to be filled by food. If you can honestly do your best everyday you will succeed and pick yourself up when you fall and keep going forward cause it can happen. I mean the whole world and society told me it wouldn’t be able to happen for me.”

Dallas now weighs 165 pounds and doesn’t plan on losing anymore weight. His goal now, is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you are struggling with the holiday foods, here are two things to keep in mind. First, be aware of your calories. Avoid empty calories like sugar-loaded soft drinks. Eat healthier foods like green vegetables and lean meat. Don’t overdo it at the dinner table. If you ever worked out on a treadmill, you remember how long it takes to burn 100 calories. Getting 100 calories is nothing but a piece of cake, literally.

Second, move your body. It is so tempting to sit around with the families and watch TV during the holidays. If you don’t have to sit, stand; if you don’t have to stand, walk around, even inside your house. You will be amazed how these little things can make a huge difference.

Don’t feel guilty if you guard is off on a day or two. That happens to everyone. But do remember that it is you who gains the weight, it is also you who can lose it!