Wake-up Call for Weight Loss

For everyone who had put serious efforts into weight loss, there was the wake-up call that finally turned the thoughts of losign weight into action. For me, it was not a moment in front of the mirror.

My life was so stressful back then that I didn’t look at myself that much. It was not a moment when I had to check out a pair of pants with a bigger waistline. It was not a moment when I was trying to catch my breath after only 3 flights of stairs.

The moment came when one day I was checking out my blood pressure at the pharmacy. I was shocked to see how high the reading was: 180/120. My father has been battling hypertension for most of his adult live because he is overweight. He has been relying on a cocktail of drugs to control his blood pressure. It was always on my mind that I didn’t want to live the kind of drug-dependent life. So, the blood pressure reading was the finally warning that finally woke me up.

I am glad it did. What is your wake-up call?

You Can Put off Losing Weight Forever

For folks over 50, the top goal appears to be weight loss according to a survey of 5,000 people over age 50 from all 50 states. The top three goals are: weight loss, writing a book and a trip to Hawaii. Losing weight is similar to saving for retirement – it is never too late to start.