The Ugly Truth of Weight Gain

Picking up a 20-pound turkey and walking through the supermarket asiles will make you feel the pain of gaining 20 lbs instantly. Putting that weight down gives the relief of losing 20 lbs instantly. Here is one more motivation that may help you get on the treadmill. When you pick up a 20-pound turkey, you will be surprised how BIG that mass of flesh is. Ask yourself this: where can that mass of flesh go onto your body to make you look nicer, prettier and healthier? The ass? The face? The belly? The thighs? Bear in mind one fact: the turkey in your hand is mostly muscle weight. Fat is lighter than muscle. 15 pounds of fat will be much bulkier than the turkey you are holding.

The bottom line is: if you gain as much as 20 lbs, it not only makes your life miserable, but also make you look bad!