Take Personal Responsibility in Your Weight Loss

When you weigh yourself on a scale and find you are 50 lbs over your ideal weight, who do you blame? In our culture, it is a norm that we blame everything that is messed up on someone else. When I was 50 lbs overweight, I never thought I would blame Colonel Sanders for his fatty but tasty fried chickens that I ate by the bucket. I never thought I would blame Coke or Pepsi for their sugar-loaded drinks which I drank by the gallon. I never thought I would blame Burger King for their greasy whoppers which I chowed down 4 at a time. When I looked at myself in the mirror, boy I wish I said to myself, "How about blaming those jerks who gave me this big piece of ass?". But nobody was to blame but myself, although the truth might be harder to swallow than a slice of Domino’s pizza.

Haven’t we grown to blame someone else for everything that doesn’t go our way? It’s always someone else’s faults. If we are not happy, we blame our parents, our jobs, our government or now the high gas prices. If we are addicted to the cigarette, we blame the tobacco industry. Now our waistlines are getting bigger, we start blaming Coke, Pepsi, McDonald’s. Regardless who we blame, our overweight problem is the result of bad personal choices. To fix the problem, the key is to make better personal choices like staying active and eating healthy. The bottom line is: you gain it, you lose it!

It boils down to who has the power to control your lives, Coke, McDonald’s or you? You got the power! Giving food companies so much power takes away the control we have in our lives.

Has the fattening bottom line of the soft drink and food companies come at the cost of our expanding waistline? Some would say "Yes" and others would say "No".

Is our overweight problem rooted in our own personal choices or corporate marketing gimmicks? Companies will always do whatever they can to unload their products, whether it is a sugar-loaded soda, a fatty burger, or a get-slimmer diet. That is just the way how capitalism works. It has been working for hundreds of years and will continue for hundreds of years to come. By pointing our fingers at the food companies, have we given up the ultimate control over our personal choices? At the end of the day, it is us who shove that fatty burger in our mouth and wash it down with an ice-cold fountain drink, all done at our own will instead of coercion by someone else.