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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Power of Imagination

The use of guided imagery, or mental images, to evoke physical benefits is perhaps the oldest form of therapy known to man, explained David E. Bresler, a founder of the Academy for Guided Imagery in Malibu, Calif. In fact, imagery is woven into the fabric of many ancient cultures' healing rituals, he said. See the full report here

I have tried guided imagery for stress relief and sleep problems. It is a very powerful healing technique if you are willing to explore it. I won't be surprised if guided imagery can help you with food cravings. If you go to Amazon, check out this audio book by Belleruth Naparstek:

Health Journeys: A Meditation to Help You with Weight Loss

Naparstek has a soothing yet powerful voice. I listened to serveral of her CDs and highly recommend them.