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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Spot Weight Loss Gimmicks

It promises unrealistic results. Safe weight loss means no more than 2 lbs. (1 kg) per week. If you lose weight any faster than that, you body could compensate by slowing down the rate at which it burns calories, thereby slowing weight loss and even making it easier to gain weight after you return to your normal eating habits.

Read the result of the article.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Surgery's Aftermath

Last night ABC's Nightline featured the story of a 16-year-old girl's struggle with obesity and the aftermath of her gastric bypass surgery. The most striking thing wasn't how much weight she lost (she did lose over 100 lbs in 6 months), but how much she regretted having to live with a stomach of the size of a walnut for the rest of her life. Before the surgery, foods were her best friend. She found comfort and refuge in foods. In her own words, "Food was my best friend". Losing her best friend threw her into deep depression although she continued to lose weight.

It was a bitter-sweet story. It was good that she became a lot thinner. But she seemed still at lost about where else she could find refuge when she needed it.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Healthy Weight Management Tips

Tips on eat less, eat healthy & eat smart.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Higher Risk of Weight-Loss Surgery

2 out of 5 weight-loss surgery patients develop complications within 6 months. This number is much higher than previous studies had suggested. The most common complications are dumping syndrome, which includes vomiting, reflux and diarrhoea Other complications resulting from the surgical joining of the intestine and stomach, such as leaks or strictures, abdominal hernias, infections and pneumonia.

Friday, July 21, 2006

From Diet to Eating Plan

If you want to see how many fad diets out there, just take a look of this diet list. It makes you wonder if we can have just one diet that will make us lose weight whenever we choose to. The simple truth is that no such diet exists and dieting alone is not a healthy long-term solution for weight management.

However, there is no shortage of new fad diets on the market. The makers of those "magic" diets are more interested in selling false hopes than anything else. When you see a celebrity shrink who can't even shrink his own waistline out there promoting his apple-shaped body diet and pear-shaped body diet, you it is a scam.

Can you really lose weight on a diet? The good news is that in the short run, the answer may be yes. The bad news is that in the long term, you will likely gain the weight back and dieting alone can make future weight loss much harder.

Having a healthy eating plan combined with an active lifestyle appears to be real answer to keeping one's weight under control.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Chilli Hot for Weight Loss

In a comparison of bland versus chilli-laden meals, researchers from the University of Tasmania’s School of Human Life Sciences found that a few spoonfuls of chilli reduced the post meal surge in insulin, particularly in overweight people.

A dash of chilli may add some needed spice for your weight loss. The Chilli diet may become the next HOT diet.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Drop Sodas for Weight Loss

It is no surprise that there is a strong link between drinking sugar-loaded sodas and obesity. However, there is evidence that drinking diet soda may hamper your weight loss effort.
A University of Texas Health Science Center study that found the same correlation for diet sodas. Researchers saw a 41 percent increase in the risk of being overweight for every diet soda consumed each day. ... It may be that when the body tastes something sweet but doesn't get the corresponding calories, it looks for them elsewhere, causing overeating.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Obesity Affects Children

The rapid rise of adult obesity has been spreading across the United States. Such an alarming trend is also seen in the younger population. Now, more than 9 millions youths, or one in every six children, are overweight.

We are looking at a population of kids right now that may not live to be the same age as their parents.

Soon we may see government interventions in its effort of reversing the trend. Well, fat chance for some politicians to come up with some easy quick solutions. Losing weight and staying healthy start from individual persons, one at a time.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Blue Dinnerware

The color blue can serve as an appetite suppressant. So, serving lunch or dinner with blue dinnerware may help you eat less. Also you will less likely overeat if your main course is served on a smaller salad plate. Tip source: USA Weekend

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Waistline vs Bottom Line

Julia Havey, a St. Louis weight-loss instructor, has filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola over its "My Coke Rewards" product promotion. At her web site, she claims:

It is virtually impossible to win the top prizes if you follow the rules and guidelines. And if you did consume enough Coke to allow yourself a chance to win, you just might DIE! That's right, DIE! ... with the course we're on the entire country (U.S.) is going to be overweight by the year 2030.

A statement from Coke claimed that Havey attempted to draw attention to her weight-loss book. The argument from either side has its merits. However, can suing a soft drink company help put an end to the obesity epidemic?

Has the fattening bottom line of the soft drink companies come at the cost of our expanding waistline? Some would say "Yes" and others would say "No".

Is our overweight problem rooted in our own personal choices or corporate marketing gimmicks? Companies will always do whatever they can to unload their products, whether it is a sugar-loaded soda, a fatty burger, or a get-slimmer diet. That is just the way how capitalism works. It has been working for hundreds of years and will continue for hundreds of years to come. No lawsuits can change that.

By pointing our fingers at the soft drink companies, have we given up the ultimate control over our personal choices? At the end of the day, it is us who shove that fatty burger in our mouth and wash it down with an ice-cold fountain drink, all done at our own will instead of coercion by someone else.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Lose Weight by Sleeping in

America is a sleep-deprived nation. As the prescriptions for sleeping pills last year increased 60% over 2000, the problem of obesity and diabetes has reached an epidemic level. It makes you wonder if there is a link between lack of sleep and obesity.

Melting those extra pounds in your sleep seems like a dream. In reality, sleeping well can be your answer to the slim body that you have always dreamed of. So, dream on.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

80/20 Rule

Losing weight requires a significant time commitment. Very often the excuse we have for gaining weight is that we don't have enough time to watch our diet and exercise.

Ever heard of the 80/20 rule? It is a different way of thinking. It lets you realize what matters most in your life. Examples of 80/20 rule are everywhere in our everyday life. 20% of the salesmen make 80% of the sales. 20% of the business clients bring in 80% of the profits. 20% of the criminals commit 80% of the crimes. 20% of all websites get 80% of total internet traffic. 20% of our time is accounted for 80% of our accomplishments.

If we spend 80% of our time on getting only 20% of what we want to get done, there has to be a better way to manage our time. The 80/20 rule will help you prioritize all the chores that take up most of your time so that you can spend more time doing what is really important.

Committing 1 hour a day on physical exercise can significantly increase your work or study efficiency. I call it the rule of 8 - 1 > 8.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Obesity An Impotent Problem

A Harvard Study has found that obesity increases the risk of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) by several folds.

We found a 2.5-fold difference in risk of Erectile Dysfunction when we compared obese men who did little exercise with men who were not overweight and averaged 30 minutes of vigorous exercise a day. For men younger than 55 there was a 4-fold difference in risk for the same comparison.

Sounds like a gym membership, instead of Viagra, is just what the doctor orders.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Weight Loss from Diet Alone

Nearly 50% of American workers hate to go to work when they wake up in the morning. Are you happy with your job? If not, can a job change cut it? Maybe or maybe not. Perhaps you are not happy because of the career choice you made. In that case, changing career may be the answer to an unrewarding job. That is easier said than done. You may have to make a lot of tough decisions, may have to go back to school, or may have to spend less time doing what you enjoy for the time being. Well if it is as easy as a walk in the park, you would have seen a lot more smiling faces everywhere you go.

Nearly 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight. Can changing diet alone fix the problem? The answer depends on who you listen to. Those fad diet companies of can even convince you with real stories and photos on how fast you can lose weight by sticking the diet they promote. However, like changing a job, switching to a different diet may not be the right answer. Losing weight is much more about changing lifestyle than cutting calories. Just like starting a new career, changing lifestyle isn't easy. But once you see and feel the benefits, there is no going back. More on living a more active lifestyle in addition to dieting.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Gastric Bypass Risks

Every time you go under the knife, there is a risk. The doctor may tell you that the chances of anything bad happens are as low as 1%. However, if something did go awry, your chance is 100%.

Are there any risks associated with gastric bypass? The answer is surely a "No", if you have seen what the surgery has done to Al Roker of NBC's Today Show. Well, if you read about a new method to gauges the surgery's risks, the procedure isn't as glorious as NBC wanted you to believe when it documented Roker's operation, recovery and weight loss a few years ago. Stomach stapling sounds scarier in the Mayo Clinic's risk assessment.

Did NBC truly want to endorse gastric bypass by making Roker almost the spokesman for the procedure, or did it try to create the buzz to attract more viewers?

Besides all the medical risks, no one has mentioned the risk of being socially awkward. After the surgery, a person can only eat a mouthful of food at one setting. If you go out and have a 5-course dinner at a fancy restaurant, would you ask for the check halfway into your first course?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

8 - 1 > 8

When I was in high school, my physical education teacher once explained why 8 - 1 is greater than 8. Say you work or study 8 hours a day. If you take 1 out of the 8 hours and commit yourself to physical exercise, you will get much more done in the 7 hours left than you could in the 8 hours without moving your butt. In other words, physical activities make you work or study more efficiently.

I didn't believe that wisdom before, but I do now. The long-term benefits of the one "lost" hour everyday can be enormous in term of keeping one healthy, energetic and happy.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Rude to Overweight People?

A doctor who was rude to an obese patient got support from a court judge. Well, the doctor's remark to his patient was surely inappropriate, but he did have a point.

When I was borderline obese, I wish someone told me so bluntly that I was on a fast-track to heart attack, diabetes, hypertension and depression. I wish someone told me so bluntly that I didn't look attractive. I wish someone told me so bluntly that I might have trouble keeping up with my job, my life and my relationship. If someone did, would it hurt? Of course, it would. But it would have also served the purpose of a wake-up call and gotten my ass on a treadmill.

This doctor somehow reminded me of Simon Cowell on American Idol. Simon was blunt, rude, in-your-face. But he is not on the show to make the contestants look bad. As a matter of fact, he knows a talent when he sees one and he doesn't pretend to be politically correct when he doesn't see one.

Everyone has a mouth under their nose. You can't control what comes out of it, but you can control how to react. If someone told me that I was fat, maybe that is what meant to be. I would either be happy the way I was, or suck it up and do something about my weight problem. Perhaps someone else's rude attitude is best turned into a rude awakening in the weight loss battle.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Don't fight obesity alone

A very inspiring story. Very interesting insights on how external support goes a long way in the weight loss battle. Here is her book "Running with Angels" and rave reviews at Amazon.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

General Wellness

Obesity is strongly linked with depression and other mood disorders. It ssounds like obesity isn't as simple as eating more and moving less.

After I dropped 50 lbs, I looked back at the period of 4-5 years during which I put on that much weight. It wasn't too hard to figure out that overeating wasn't the whole story. First, the most obvious change was the lack of sleep. Because of heavy school work, I had to cut down my sleeping hours. On average, I slept about 5 hours a day while I knew I was an 8-hour person.

Second, maybe the sleep deprivation made me very cranky. I got angry easily over trivial things. I almost constantly tried to find a way to channel my anger out.

Third, I felt so overwhelmed and helpless at times. It seemed so many things were happening in my life and I couldn't have a firm grip on anything. It only became clear to me many years later that I might have gone through a mild depression during that period.

It is impossible to pin down whether the weight gain led to bad moods or the bad moods caused the weight gain. However, it is reasonable to say that lugging 50 extra pounds surely didn't make me feel one bit better.

Is weight loss all about burning more calories? If so, why do we keep hearing stories about people who have lost tons of weight, but end up gaining every pound back? Maybe burning more calories, like taking diet pills in some sense, is only a short-term fix for weight problem. You can temporarily lose weight or suppress your appetite. However, such short-term solutions may not have long-term impact in weight control unless other problems in one's life have been taken care of at the same time.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Food Craving & the Mind

A Recent study presented evidence that nutritional deprivation is not necessary for food cravings to happen. In other words, food craving is more about what your mind wants, not what your body really needs.

As we learn more about how the power of the mind shapes our behavior, it is hard to ignore its role in increasing our waistline. A while back, I read an article on the Time magazine about how our mind can fool our body. In an experiment, a person had 2 substances applied to the skin of his two arms, one on each arm. This person was known to have a strong allergic skin reaction to one of the two substances. When he was told that the allergic substance was applied to his right arm, the skin of right arm saw an immediate reaction. The interesting thing is that the substance that was applied to his right arm was pure water. More interestingly, his left arm didn't see any allergic reaction while the allergic substance was actually applied on to his left arm's skin.

In the weight loss battle, have we focused too much on the caloric balance sheet and the readings on the scale? Should we pay more attention on other aspects in our life that may have led us to overeating? Do we really need that chocolate cake to put us in a better mood if our mood doesn't swing on blood sugar levels? Do we really need that big bag of potato chips to make us less depressed if we are not depressed at all? Do we really need that 3 servings of ice cream to boost your confidence if we are feeling confident after all?