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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Weight-Loss Instructor Drops Suit

Julia Havey, a St. Louis weight-loss instructor, filed a lawsuit against Coca-Cola over its "My Coke Rewards" product promotion. Now she has dropped her lawsuit.

It sounds like a frivolous case about nothing. Based on her reasonings of the original suit, she could starting suing Domino's Pizza for their Tuesday's buy-one-get-one-free promotion.


  • I appreciate your comments about my lawsuit against Coca-Cola. I urge you to look at all of the facts and not go merely by THEIR spokesperson Mr. Williamson calling me an opportunistic publicity seeking, misinformed individual.

    I am well-informed, don't need the publicity this has brought as I have already had a "best-selling book" and write for 14 million people each week as the Master Motivator at eDiets.com, so their attempt as smearing my image simply has no logic or truth to it.

    Secondly, their product happened to start in February, I discovered the prize values in April when my own child wanted to do it and asked me for persmission and as a concerned parent, I looked into it, read the rules and actually got out a calculator and figured out exactly HOW many colas it would take to win and how much money it would cost.

    The math didn't add up as to what you spend to win ANY of the prizes, you can BUY most them for less than it would take to "drink, choose and live" your way to 'winning' them.

    Then, for kicks, since the Ads all say COKE even though diet is an option, I ran the numbers as to how many calories one would consume with all of the quantity required and I was shocked, 9,770,000 calories for a USED couch from the set of American Idol.

    And, repeatedly in the rules created by Coca-Cola, the word "individual" is used repeatedly. It doesn't say BUY the product and give it away as they now say is their intention, but it says "an individual" and DRINK repeatedly.

    To me, it's a ridiculous contest, potentially deadly and calorically irresponsible in a day and age where Obesity is the leading cause of preventable death and 2.6 million people died last year from related causes of such.

    One of the prizes requires drinking (or buying and wasting your money on) 151 12-ounce cans of coke a day--problem is, the human body would DIE of hyponatremia at around 20 cans--even of WATER. It is a fluid issue and the kidneys, not necessarily that it is Coke, Diet Coke or Coke Zero, but liquid. So, isn't it a bit extreme to set a prize at 151 servings a day?!


    Ask yourself, WHY would Coca-Cola do this? Why not make it like a Willa Wonka 'golden ticket' and have a chance to win in ANY container and make the odds random not based on volumn?

    If you really look closely, look past their villianization of me and really look at the contest, you will mostly undoubtedly see my many rational and informed points.

    Respectfully, Julia Havey

    By Blogger Julia Havey, at 1:30 PM  

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