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Friday, July 21, 2006

From Diet to Eating Plan

If you want to see how many fad diets out there, just take a look of this diet list. It makes you wonder if we can have just one diet that will make us lose weight whenever we choose to. The simple truth is that no such diet exists and dieting alone is not a healthy long-term solution for weight management.

However, there is no shortage of new fad diets on the market. The makers of those "magic" diets are more interested in selling false hopes than anything else. When you see a celebrity shrink who can't even shrink his own waistline out there promoting his apple-shaped body diet and pear-shaped body diet, you it is a scam.

Can you really lose weight on a diet? The good news is that in the short run, the answer may be yes. The bad news is that in the long term, you will likely gain the weight back and dieting alone can make future weight loss much harder.

Having a healthy eating plan combined with an active lifestyle appears to be real answer to keeping one's weight under control.


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